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BOOK REVIEWS: Against Our Better Judgement

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“Conspiracy theories” are only a “theory” if they cannot be proved.  FACTS our not a “theory”.  Using extensive documentation this book reveals that US policy,  media, military and justice system is carefully manipulated by a small group of criminals hiding behind the false facade of “Zionism”.  If you are an American citizen — regardless of your race, religion, or political affiliation — you need to know the hidden history of our country to understand current and future events that control our lives and the destiny of billions of innocent people around the world.  When the shit hits the fan, ignorance is not an excuse. The following are two book reviews from Amazon.com written by readers of the book Against Our Better Judgement by Alison Weir.  — LRS
AGAINST OUR BETTER JUDGEMENT“In brief, Weir documents the efforts of Zionists to first cut a deal with England to support the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine contingent upon Jewish efforts to bring America into the Great War. After the second war Jewish efforts to gain American support for the creation of Israel are documented. Among the main players here are Louis Brandeis, Felix Frankfuter, and Bernard Baruch.

Most interesting to me was the buying of Harry Truman. Remember that campaign railroad trip? At one stop Weir tells of a Zionist giving Truman $2,000,000 in cash. Others also gave money to the point that Truman was bought and paid for. Also interesting was the Zionist efforts to get UN approval of the Jewish homeland. Threats against places like The Philippines and Liberia were made by the likes of Brandeis. It was play ball or we will see that you get no aid. Obviously the pressure was effective.

Finally, there are references to folks who opposed the Zionists. Guess what happened to the Saturday Evening Post. Remember Dorothy Thompson? Of course not. How about Hugh Gibson? Doesn’t ring a bell does it. Well, how about James Forestal? Funny about his suicide. Kind of like Patton’s auto-er-accident.

The book is short but effective.  Author Weir candidly states in her preface that her book has “unusual aspects.” It certainly does with 93 pages of text and 107 pages of end notes. That being said, there can be no argument that her book is not well researched with its 373 references.”

“Hitler railed against Jews in his memoir Mein Kampf (Ford translation) claiming that they controlled German media and finance sectors and did so against the better interest of Germans and Germany. He claimed that once in a position, they hired only other Jews, and use their position to advance their financial and power interests above and sometimes against that of the country’s (Germany). That was his analysis of what was going on in Germany.

Weir documents Hitler’s observations occurring in the US at exactly the same time, pointing to the role played by future supreme court judge Louis Brandies and his aid Felix Frankfurter, abetted through the New York Post, the New York Times, and other outlets. Brandies was attempting to advance the interest of the Zionist state in Palestine when it clearly conflicted with US policy and values.

She documents the Zionist members of the State Department’s delegation for the subverting of efforts to end WWI early by accepting Turkey’s desire to break from Germany; all because this concession would jeopardize the Balfour Declaration and the Zionist future of Palestine.

Forget about all of the shock-jock radio infotainers flooding the airwaves today assailing Barack Obama as the beginning of the end of democracy itself in America. This book gives the detailed timeline of the subterfuge, lies, deceit, blackmail, and intimidation that led our country to send 270,000 American boys to their death in WWI for the sole purpose of creating a racial supremacist state that the majority of European and American Jews opposed.

It contains the facts and the details of how radical Zionists succeeded in subverting this country away from the values expressed in our Constitution & Bill of Rights, and turned us into a hypocrite in the middle east.

It answers the question of when and how did American opinion was shaped, hammered, and conditioned to fear any hint of ‘antisemitism’, and fall into line with those who melded it. It tells of the two presidents – Wilson and Truman, who completely fell to American Zionist pressure – financial and media, ignoring their own cabinet, military, and State department, for fear of loosing an election.

It tells the story of the extent that Zionists would go to populate their prize in Palestine with Jews from Germany and Europe who did not want any part of Zionism or Palestine.

Most importantly, it explains how in the span of a half of century, our foreign policy went from an agent of democracy and self determination to the defender of a racialist state in the middle east that created a massive humanitarian disaster in the process.

Utterly amazing. Half the book is references. But the other 93 will shake your soul.”


zionists behind curtain

In my book THE OZ FACTORS, we learn that the “wizard” behind the “curtain” is a fraud and a coward.  Do you know WHO is “behind the curtain”?  Every citizen of Earth needs to get educated about WHO is controlling events in our world, and our perception of the events.  Not surprisingly, when we pull back the curtain we are “shocked” to find out that the “wizard” is the very person we have been taught to trust and obey! But, the “wicked witch” and her “flying moneys” have the real power and control.  So, we have throw a bucket of the “water of truth” on the witch to melt her power to frighten and control us!

This short lecture by David Icke reveals THE NAMES and FACES and ACTIONS of the current “wizards behind the curtain” on Earth.  They are carefully hidden in plain sight in the government, military, banking, and legal systems of the entire Western World.  The “wizards” in the REAL world are carefully hidden behind a curtain of lies manufactured by the “media” and “government” which are controlled by Rothschild Zionists.  (Please note carefully that a “ZIONIST” is NOT the same as a Jewish person)  Watch this video, and decide for yourself.