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A shepherd has many dogs to control his sheep. And, every shepherd learns to hypnotize his sheep to prevent them from trying to escape. This is because the shepherd is a human who cannot feed themselves. They have no wool to keep themselves warm. His sheep keep him fed and warm. So, he tells the sheep that he loves them, and that he will protect them from harm. He convinces the sheep that they really are NOT sheep. He tells them that they are lions, eagles, men, and even shepherds! The sheep believe the shepherd and fear his dogs. The sheep are content to remain hypnotized, and do not try to escape. The shepherd kills and eats sheep whenever he needs their meat and wool. He encourages the sheep to breed and to grow more wool. The sheep do not remember that they have been hypnotized.

They forget that they are sheep.
Sheep don’t need a shepard and dogs to be content.

Sheep can feed and warm themselves.


Story idea via Arnaldo Lerma at http://www.lermanet2.com/