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The Theory of Suffrage is often conceived in terms of an egalitarian election of representatives by ALL citizens.  Theoretically, Suffrage applies to initiative and referendum.

Suffrage describes not only the legal right to vote, but also the practical question of whether a question will be put to a vote. The utility of suffrage is reduced when important questions are decided unilaterally by elected or unelected representatives.

Until the nineteenth century, many Western democracies had property qualifications in their electoral laws; e.g. only landowners could vote or the voting rights were weighed according to the amount of taxes paid.

In the modern United States, as it has been throughout almost all of human history, voting to pass or prevent Legislation is bought and paid for through bribes from professional “Lobbyists” who represent private (corporate) interests.  This form of government can also be known as Tyranny or Dictatorship or Oligarchy, or Privateering or Profiteering or Legalized Theft.