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Whenever people AGREE with me I feel like I must be WRONG!  The physical universe teaches us the “lesson” that we MUST AGREE in order to survive.  On planet Earth you are taught that you are a body.  You are taught that “only the “gods” can create a universe. Only the priests can communicate with the gods.  You are small, weak and mortal. You will die!”

Basically we are taught to agree with the laws of the physical universe — a universe that YOU did not create.  However, when we AGREE we contribute to the lies that build and maintain the physical universe.  Almost everything we’ve been taught is a lie.  You are an Immortal Spiritual Being.  You create YOUR universe.  You don’t need anyone to agree with you about your universe.  It is what you create it to be.  You’ve been around forever, and you will continue to be forever.  Don’t worry about surviving.  You can’t do otherwise.  Just be.

When you disagree with the lies of the physical universe you make yourself free!