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Blues is THE authentic American music art form.  It is the genesis on rock and roll, jazz and many other modern musical forms.  This filmed documentary was produced by Martin Scorcese, and hosted by Clint Eastwood.  It features interviews and performances by all of the great piano blues artists, including Ray Charles. This is a true classic (with Spanish subtitles)

REINCARNATION: THE PROOF ~ Maria Mozart and Alma Deutscher

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Alma Deutsher was born in 2005. At the date of this video performance of her OWN COMPOSITION she was ELEVEN YEARS OLD…. I don’t think there is any doubt that she is the reincarnation of the sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Read more about her amazing musical career….  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alma_Deutscher



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It’s Saturday Night everywhere at least once a week…. it’s my turn tonight.  Jazz and Mozart are my preferred non-toxic escape from reality when I need a Jolt of Joy you can only get from artistic perfection……  In this masterpiece of jazz perfection, the Grammy Award winnering group Snarky Puppy performs.  Cory Henry – keyboards (solo) – demonstrates why electronic keyboards were invented in a solo performance that is beyond genius!  We are not worthy of such sounds on this planet……

Snarky Puppy is a Brooklyn, New York-based instrumental fusion band led by Grammy Award-winning bassist, composer and producer Michael League.

This video is from the DVD “We Like It Here” (available at http://snarkypuppy.ropeadope.com) Recorded and filmed live (free of overdubs) from October 7-10 at Kytopia Studios in Utrecht, the Netherlands, for GroundUP Music. For more information and upcoming tour dates, please visit http://groundup.ropeadope.com or http://www.snarkypuppy.com.    Written, arranged, and produced by Michael League.

Michael League – bass
Shaun Martin – keyboards
Bill Laurance – keyboards
Cory Henry – keyboards (solo)
Justin Stanton – Fender Rhodes
Mark Lettieri – guitar
Bob Lanzetti – guitar
Chris McQueen – guitar
Nate Werth – percussion
Larnell Lewis – drums
Mike Maher – trumpet (solo)
Chris Bullock – sax (solo)
Bob Reynolds – sax
Jay Jennings – trumpet

Engineered by Eric Hartman, Roy Van Rosendaal, Mike Harrison, & Colin Benders.
Filmed by Andy LaViolette, Brad Holt, Emily Schwarting, Joseph Lafond, and Christi LaViolette.
Mixed by Eric Hartman in Dallas, Texas.
Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk New York, NY.


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Here is another astonishing video of a 3 year-old piano virtuoso! This is one more PROOF that reincarnation is a FACT, in spite of the “stupor-stition” and lies of religion and psychology that demands that you “believe” that we are ONLY biological bodies who “evolved” on Earth! In the United States this child would be “diagnosed” as “hyper-active” and FORCED to take Ritalin or Prozac, or some other form of psychiatric mind-poison designed to KILL the vitality, intelligence, energy and ability of this being!

It is obvious that it is IMPOSSIBLE for any 3 year old child to play the piano like this. So, we must ask ourselves: where and when and on which planet did this Immortal Spiritual Being develop this level of technical and artistic expertise? In order to do this, we must REMEMBER WHO WE REALLY ARE!