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first fifteen livesClaire North (a.k.a Catherine Webb and Kate Griffin) is a Wondrous Witch of Word Wizardry! Her books have to be read. No description or comment is worthwhile;  Magic is what it is…. Magical.

After reading her book “The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August” I became an instant addict and life-long worshiper. Travel between past lives – without amnesia –  is not a familiar idea on Earth, but made all too real in this eloquently imagined and written masterwork.

touchTouch” is a masterwork of insight, descriptive observations of spiritual phenomena that can be envisioned only as fiction. “Touch” describes the ability to instantaneously transfer oneself as a spiritual entity from one body to another — to possess and control it — without harming the “owner”. The reality of being a “ghost” with the ability to “jump” between bodies is told in the context of an exotic-murder-mystery-international-action-thriller that sets a new standard for the genre and for literature! As an enchanted fan of Clair North, I am “touched” and possessed!

~ Lawrence R. Spencer,  Author and Editor