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Agreement can be a form of hypnosis.  Conversely, anyone who disagrees with being hypnotized cannot be hypnotized.  Human beings have been very heavily and repeatedly indoctrinated and coerced into believing that they ARE A BODY.  Every priest of every organized religion in the history of humankind has preached this message:  “YOU ARE A BODY”.   Every medical doctor, every banker, every politician, every artist, every writer and screen play writer in the history of Western Civilization has reinforced the false idea that you ARE A BODY.

When was the last time you read a book or saw a film about a DISEMBODIED SPIRITUAL BEING?  Can you remember ANY?   The simple fact is that YOU, as yourself, are a Spiritual Being.  You are NOT a body.  Anyone who is trying to convince you otherwise is attempting to trap and enslave YOU inside a fragile chunk of flesh so you can be controlled and enslaved.   One simple way you can begin to recover your Spiritual Freedom is to simply DISAGREE with the lies that “You Are a Body”.