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A “false facade civilization” of pyramids, as described in the book Alien Interview, are scientifically revealed to be a fundamental part of the electronic forces that create an electronic “prison” surrounding Earth. Watch this well documented video by David Labay to understand how this works.


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One of favorite artists is the Japanese master, Hokusai,  (1760 – 1849) an ukiyo-e painter and print-maker of the Edo period.  He is famed for his masterful series of wood-block prints,  “Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji”, the most famous of which is “The Wave”.  Learn more about Hokusai here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hokusai    See the complete works of Hokusai:  http://hokusai.us.com/home_en

The CONTRAST between the manually carved and inked woodblock prints of Hokusai and the astonishing global transformation of technology during the past 150 years due to the invention of electricity, is manifested through a computer technology “time warp” that is nothing less than “magic” when compared to our “universe” on Earth only a few lifetimes ago.hokusai_kite-sntA present-day Japanese artist (Segawa thiry-seven) has superimposed changes caused by electronic technology into a centuries-old technique, animating Japanese woodblock prints  to alter the static images and inlay elements of sci-fi and modern culture.