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Literature, art, dance music and other aesthetic forms of communication, are created solely and only about the life and death of a human being:  an immortal spiritual being inhabiting a body made of fragile flesh.

On Earth, the interest of spiritual beings is directed by artists toward bodies, bodies, bodies.  Bodies are born, endure a brief lifetime of pain, false ambition, despair and quiet desperation.  Humans gasp in short bursts of physical sensation.  They walk to the store, plodding step by tedious step.  They do not cross half a planet in the instant of a thought! Such Divine Flight and Freedom is the privilege of a god! Yet, All Sentient Spiritual Beings are Immortal.

What is a god?  An Immortal Spiritual Being.  This is not a notion of ‘THE GOD’, Creator of All Things in The Physical Universe.  No.  This is simply the reality that each one of us, as individual Immortal Souls, have infinite potential to cause and create and control our Own Personal Universe!

History has clearly demonstrated that anyone can Be Who They Decide To Be.  Realization of any Dream is as simple as being, doing and having who and what one decides To Be.

What prevents Immortal Spiritual Beings who animate and inhabit physical bodies from realizing the essential Freedom and Ability of an invisible, powerful, all-knowing, divinity;  a “no-thing” of unlimited age, creative potential and god-like ability to Be divine?

Priests who insist that only they can communicate with “god”, and, the “god” is out there somewhere.  And, foremost, writers who create the illusion that the ONLY GAME that can be played by any being, anywhere and anytime, are the games of The Body.  They use the most powerful tool of all: aesthetics!  Beautiful words, masterful pictures, magical sounds and symmetrical physical forms entice and entrap you.  The most precious, most desirable quality for a Spiritual Being is that Quality in the physical universe that is most similar to themselves:  Aesthetics!  Indeed, only a Spiritual Being can create beauty!  The source and essence of art and beauty IS that “no-thing” we call the Spirit.

How often have you read a book and seen a film that is dedicated to the life, loves, games, activities, dreams and aspirations of a disembodied Spiritual Being?  Ever?  Can you think of any?

Only YOU can create beauty.  Only YOU can create your personal universe.  Only YOU, as the god-like, immortal spiritual being that you are, can animate, inhabit, create and transcend the physical forms of flesh.  This ability begins with imagination…the Decision to BE!

You are NOT a tiny physical body, trapped on a distant planet, impotent, frail and pathetic dust.  You ARE the Eternal Potential Power of Creation!  A god.  Creator and Destroyer of Universes!

However, you have been sold out.  Sold into Eternal Slavery by every artist with pen and brush who used Aesthetics to tell you that you have NO IDENTITY unless you inhabit a body.  You and I should regard such treasonous fellow beings as Enemies of Our Immortal Selves!  They destroy your Personal Divinity with lies carried through art.  You must HAVE a Body.  Only the Body can have an identity.  Only the body can live, love, play, create and feel sensation.  These are lies.  In Truth, only an Immortal Spiritual Being can cause or create anything at all…including bodies, planets, stars, universes and beauty.


Lawrence R. Spencer. 2013.