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PAN_telthonaimage by Telthona

~ below is an  excerpt from the book Pan-God of The Woods   

“Derek wondered how astronomers ever managed to get over the feeling of their own utter insignificance; a majestic humiliation brought on by this clashing contrast of magnitudes. The microcosm within the macrocosm; a flea on a flea on a flea on a flea, ad infinitum. The was, the is, and the will be of infinite space and time and matter and the inestimable magnitude and power of twinkling stellar energy: the face of God.


There was nothing to save him from these thoughts except to sleep; to not be — until the chariot of dawn was driven by the sun to slay the dark illusion of the night and restore myopic sight to those who need eyes to see.

Towering trees seemed to touch the stars above him. Through the boughs a breeze whispered a hushed and haunting hymn.

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In sleep he dreamed he heard the simple piping of a flute. There were words he would not remember in the morning — words without a voice to sing them, as though a child were humming a rhyme to himself:

“I hide in the fuzz on a butterfly wing.

I ride the on waves of electron rings.

I hear the songs that a ladybug sings.

I can be small, like the tiniest things.

 I like to play leapfrog over the sun,

Run around Venus and Mars just for fun.

Jogging to Pluto is just a short run.

Heavenly hopscotch is easily done.

 By changing my viewpoint I’m smaller than small

I fly with my thoughts! I’ll never fall!

I decide to be none! I decide to be all!

I am immortal — immeasurably tall.

 You’re just a man! You’re weak and small!

I dare you to find me! I dare each and all!

You’ll never see me. You’ll never get near.

I am a god! I don’t have your fears!

 I’m here, then I’m there. I’m free to be free.

I don’t need to eat or breathe or pee!

I am who I am. It’s fun being me!

The same Pan I’ve been, and always will be!”