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“Attribute all to the gods.  They pick a man up, stretched on the black loam and set him on his two feet firm.  Then again, they shake solid men until they fall backward into the worst of luck, wandering hungry, wild of mind.”  

 Archilochus of Paros ( c. 648 BC )  Greek poet of Paros, notable for using his own experience as subject matter.

— From the Introduction to Chapter 1 of the book PAN – GOD OF THE WOODS

by Lawrence R. Spencer

(Painting by Frank Frazetta © 1976.  All Rights Reserved.)


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(painting © Frank Frazetta)

The Oxford English Dictionary defines conspiracy theory as “the theory that an event or phenomenon occurs as a result of a conspiracy between interested parties; spec. a belief that some covert but influential agency (typically political in motivation and oppressive in intent) is responsible for an unexplained event”. It cites a 1909 article in The American Historical Review as the earliest usage example, although it also appears in journals as early as April 1870. The word “conspiracy” derives from the Latin con- (“with, together”) and spirare (“to breathe”).