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The ageless Redwood forests in Northern California are the most serene place on Earth. More than 90% of the original trees — many more than 2,000 years old — where chopped down by private profiteers to satisfy the money lust of bankers.  They used the stolen trees to build houses for ignorant European immigrants who murdered and plundered the land and legacy of 100 million Indigenous Natives who had lived in harmony with Nature for untold thousands of years.   Alas, these immigrants are so selfish and stupid that when they die it is “illegal” to donate their dead body to be used as fertilizer for new growth in a timeless forest!  The Indigenous Natives and Redwood Forests are virtually extinct only 500 years after the European immigrants “discovered” them.  Soon, the banksters and private profiteers will slaughter the immigrants.  Karma kills killers. Good riddance to death…. Time heals all.