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Oscar awakens the morning after another seedy one night stand with the Dandelion of Vanity

The Academy Awards are the unrivalled standard bearer and champion of vanity, self-glorification, self-promotion and self-importance.  No emperor or god or commercial enterprise in the history of humanity, with the possible exception of Pharaoh or Yahweh or the military, has every demanded and enforced upon the peasantry of the world the blatant and unabashed vanity of the Hollywood film industry.

The worshipful and obedient pandering  of the peasantry to the spectacle of  the annual Oscar Ceremony over the past 85 years is proof that slaves can be bought with aesthetics, just as the Roman Emperors placated the plebeians of Rome with free bread and gladiatorial battles in the arena.  Western civilization is carried on the shoulders of a peasantry who are all to easily averted from seeing the gory truth of  theft and slaughter that are hidden behind the crimson robes and golden statuary of bankers, emperors and wealthy business interests of the self-anointed royalty.

Let’s remember that the Hollywood film industry is a business.  It worships the gods of money…first, second, last and always.  It demands that you worship the gods of money and the aesthetic amusements they so skilfully offer to keep you in their game.  If you look behind the Hollywood curtain and follow the Yellow Brick Road to the motivational source of the parade of glitz and glamour you will discover that it is an illusion controlled by bankers, not artists. Bankers who control the artists, the emperors and the gods.  Bankers are the self-anointed emperors and would-be gods of planet Earth — as long as the peasantry allows them to be.