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“You may remember a science fiction movie starring Charlton Heston called “Soylent Green”.  (Winner Best Science Fiction Film of Year, 1973 – Saturn Award, Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films )


In the movie the character played by Heston discovers that the green pellets being served to people as food each day were being produced from the recycled remains of dead human bodies, making everyone into unwitting cannibals! Is this type of food production just science fiction?

Today, public relation campaigns and catchy slogans notwithstanding, we have a new food chain. For reasons of efficiency and economics, many cattlemen feed their animals anything. Repeat: anything.

Environmental reporters, Satchell and Hedges, tell us: “Agricultural refuse such as corncobs, rice hulls, fruit and vegetable peelings, along with grain byproducts from retail production of baked goods, cereals, and beer, have long been used to fatten cattle.”

The authors continue, “In addition, some 40 billion pounds a year of slaughterhouse wastes like blood, bone, and viscera, as well as the remains of millions of dead cats and dogs passed along by veterinarians and animal shelters, are rendered annually into livestock feed–in the process turning cattle and hogs, which are natural herbivores, into unwitting carnivores.”

Many of America’s once proud cattlemen have not only turned herbivores into carnivores, but have also turned their cows into cannibals!”

— excerpt from THE OZ FACTORS by Lawrence R. Spencer