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Murder is porn“It occurred to me at some point this fall that I had written similar deaths in at least two of my books, and popular fiction is heaped with other examples of the same thing. Have you set up a moral dilemma you don’t know how to solve? Is the protagonist sexually attracted to a woman who is much too young Bag_of_Bonesfor him, shall we say? Need a quick fix? Easiest thing in the world. ‘When the story starts going sour, bring on the man with the gun.’ Raymond Chandler said that, or something like it — close enough for government work, kemo sabe.

Murder is the worst kind of pornography, murder is “let me do what I want” taken to its final extreme. I believe that even make-believe murders should be taken seriously; maybe that’s another idea I got last summer. Perhaps I got it while Mattie was struggling in my arms, gushing blood from her smashed head and dying blind, still crying out for her daughter as she left ”

~ Stephen King, Bag of Bones