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In retrospect, I see I was burned out in the sixties with the Dylan blues.

My mind was soaked in Tears of Rage back in my Love Minus Zero/No Limit days.

I was a Rolling Stone trying to cure my Subterranean Homesick Blues.

It swirled like a Ring of Fire and got all Tangled Up In Blue in my young Lenny Bruce brain.


As I Went Out One Morning, Just Like Tom Thumb, I sought Shelter from The Storm.

So, I took a course called “Walking with St. Augustine (Along the Watchtower)”.

He talked Ninety Miles an Hour and all he said was, “I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know”.

So, I decided Everybody Must Get Stoned. It’s a Motorpsycho Nightmare“!


I said to myself, “What can A Lonesome Hobo learn out here on Desolation Row“?

A voice answered, “We’re livin’ out on Highway 61“, it said, “near the House of the Rising Sun:

Maybe Someday there’ll be a Drifter’s Escape for A Man of Constant Sorrow.

You gotta know that Death is Not The End, and learn to play the Chimes of Freedom“.


I had Visions of Johanna, once, while searching for my soul.

She was a Wicked Messenger who said, “A Hard Rain’s A-gonna Fall!”.

So, I Went To See The Gypsy Girl, who told me, “One Of Us Must Know“.

I Don’t Believe You“, I screamed, The Times They Are A’changin’ and ran into the hall


where the jokers and the thieves get paid to make slaves of Every Grain of Sand

that’s (Blowin’ in) The Idiot Wind.  The Masters of War steal dreams with lies

from people who used to sing along with Mr. Tambourine Man.

But, “Like a Rainy Day Woman“, I yelled as I ran, “You’ll Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine.


Late on night I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine. I asked him, “Is it a New Morning yet, Baby Blue?”

He said, “In The Eternal Circle, Time Passes Slowly. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere“.

“So, Tell Me It Isn’t True“, I said, “Should I have the Tombstone Blues?”

“Well, my son”, he replied, “All I know is you Ain’t On Maggie’s Farm No More.


You’re Stuck Inside Of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again“.

“But, (surely) I Shall Be Released by a Simple Twist of Fate, some day?”.

He said, “It Ain’t Me Babe. Don’t Ask A Fool Such As I, my friend.”

There’s Nobody ‘Cept You, Walking Down The Line and Tomorrow Is A Long Time away.”


After Seven Days and One Too Many Mornings with God on Our Side,

I saw the truth:  I’m not the Property of Jesus, or Isis, the Sad-Eyed Lady.

All I really need to know is: Trust Yourself. And, Don’t Think Twice. It’s All Right.

After all I’ve seen I’ve learned It Takes A Lot of Laugh, It Takes A Train to Cry.


Pretty soon I’ll be Knockin’ at Heaven’s Door. After all, we’re just Temporary, Like Achilles.

But, for now, All I Really Want To Do is Be Your Baby Tonight, (even in The Shape I’m In).

In My Time of Dyin’, all I ask When You Awake, is just keep my Precious Memories.

I Shall Be Released. With Dignity they’ll write in My Back Pages, “He Was A Friend of Mine”.


Lawrence R. Spencer — 2009