The Wizard of Oz movie explores the ‘universe’ of Kansas and the “alien” universe of the Land of OZ. The motion picture is used as an analogy to help us explore other “alien” universes, like the ‘physical universe’, the ‘spiritual universe’ and ‘your own universe’.

Each of us uses logic to look at and interpret universes. Unfortunately, our western “logic” is distorted by 12 common denominators, or “oz factors”, each of which prevent us from seeing and understanding these universes clearly.All the scientists, politicians, priests, historians & teachers of Western civilization have been influenced by these “oz factors” which have, in turn, altered the way we observe and think and solve problems. The resulting ‘logic’ produces lies and wrong solutions to problems.The Oz Factors explores universes with new eyes and solve problems with a different kind of ‘logic’ than we’ve been taught in Western schools.

Ultimately, you are the only person who can decide what is true in any universe — is it black & white like Kansas, multicolored like the Land of Oz, or is it all really just a dream? The Oz Factors can help you decide what is true for you…

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