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Tattoos are a bizarre human method of distinguishing oneself from the crowd.  Body art is akin to clothing, hair styles, music, dancing and hip lingo: every teenager (and other juveniles) wants to have a “unique look”… by looking just like everyone else.  Each succeeding generation of angst-riddled, hormone-tortured youth goes through similar phases of “being different by being to same”.  The current decade inducted a more permanent method of “looking different” into the fashion scene: body tattoos.

However, what will happen to those tattoos when you get the age of 50 or 60 or 70?  The skin on your body will wrinkle, droop, fall and sag. Your expensive and painfully administered body art will slump along with it.  This is NOT a pretty idea.  Fortunately, an alternative method of preserving those valuable tattoos has been devised.

Here’s how to keep your tattoo art looking fresh for generations to come.  (And provide your ancestors with a lasting memento of you to hang on the wall in the den or living room.) Have yourself skinned alive, just like the pigs in these photos!  Have your tattooed hide tanned, cured, cut to size, and framed for use as a wall hanging.  You can even have your skin made into a purse, or lamp shade, a football, or any number of useful items.  Your friends and family will have more than a few dim memories to remember you: your tattooed hide!    (PETA take note….)



































































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