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Vermeer Back Cover
Vermeer: Portraits of a Lifetime is written from what I imagine to be the perspective of the artist himself, with his passion, with empathy for his personal dream and tragedy, as well as his transcendent technical ability.  As a writer my vision is to reveal the nature of the immortal spirit — The Artist — through their own thoughts, rather than through the effete, intellectual interpretations of academics or journalists.
Paintings are the communication of the artist, inviting the viewer to participate together in their mutual creation of it.  It is my observation, that this can be supplemented with verbal descriptions of the painting by the artist — not about the “meaning” of the art — but, concerning the esoteric origins of it, the subtle technologies and careful observations brought to bear upon the creation of it.  The “meaning” of the painting is a purely subjective experience for every viewer.  I want to understand, more completely, the subjective experience of The Artist.  I am certain that many admirers would also.
“Priests of Art” attempt to place themselves between Mankind and The Artist, as surely as the priests of religion prevent the souls of Mankind from communicating directly with the gods. In order to understand an aesthetic or a spirit, one must “be” The Artist, as themselves, while as a viewer, participating in The Creation, as though it is their own. Creation is a collaboration of spirits, painting and viewing together in admiration of All Beings Who Create.