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I look into a mirror and see your face reflected there.
My Other Self…. You Are Who I Am.
We Are One, Separated: In space, in time, embodied.
Tragically torn in two by ignorance and flesh!
I have yearned for you…knowing you are there…yet, not knowing where!
Enduring alone for a billion, billion years….
Separation is pain…. My pain. Your pain. Our Pain.
Two Halves of a Single Soul, Female / Male: Two halves of a Whole.
I Search, and Seek, and Yearn for you!
We have been Lost! Immortally! Still, my passion is to merge with you!
A Perfect Union of Our Single Selves: Complete, and Whole Again!
You ARE Me. WE are WE. Your Thought is My Thought.
I Am You, Within You…. You ARE Within ME….
NOW, and Always, NOW!
Suddenly, I’ve found you! We are here!
The barriers are gone! We are aware!
Our Journey has begun….travelling as One!
On Earth we can sit together by a fire, warming our bodies in the sun.
Drinking. Smoking. Talking. Laughing. Reminiscing. Remembering. Rediscovering.
Embracing, Caressing, Touching, Searching, Reaching, Recognizing,
Wishing, Wanting, Holding, Opening, Inviting, Kissing
Warm and Wet Welcoming, Probing, Pervading, Penetrating …
Hard and Soft Entering, Strong and Gentle Blending
Lusting, Thrusting, Pulsing…Pounding…Bursting!
Your Senses Are My Senses. Your Pleasure is My Desire!
Rhythmically Rising, Writhing, Resounding, Quivering, Quaking, Shuddering….
All-Consuming! Releasing! Exploding! Fulfilling!
Merging, Blending, Releasing into delightful, joyful, Unity!
Again! Again! Again! Again!
A Single Flame is Bright: Twin Flames – United — are a SOURCE of LIGHT!
Irresistible Attraction! Unquenchable Desire! Together. Inseparable.
We Are an Eternal Flame of Love!

~ Lawrence R. Spencer ~

11 March 2014