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“These are the times that try men’s souls.” — Thomas Paine, 1776

Recently I have been re-reading the writings of Thomas Paine.  He’s the guy that sparked the American Revolution in 1776.  He started a viral protest against the insanely oppressive government of England, which was the most powerful nation on Earth at that time.  How did he do it?  He published a little pamphlet called “Common Sense” and started passing it out to fellow citizens  like George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Adams and thousands of others.  This, and many other protest in history such as those of Mohandas Gandhi in India and Martin Luther King in the US have been effective, in spite of overwhelming opposition.

Viral protests against government injustice and corporate criminals can be effective. Even the most powerful nations on Earth can’t control the whole population against their collective will. Many have tried and failed.  The current “New World Order” movement is succeeding at global control at an alarming rate. The day the entire population is subject to the will of a few criminals in government and commerce we are doomed. That time has come. The American colonists didn’t have the Internet. But, they also didn’t have global government capable of controlling all the media, the military, our private lives and the economy.  If we want to remain free we’ll have to communicate with each other and act as though our current lives and our future lives depend upon it.

Here is a recent video from The Guardian that illustrates the message in the present moment.