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As Time Travel may be achieved merely by manipulating the illusions created by our subjective recollections of changing positions of particles in physical universe space I pronounce this meeting adjourned so that we may indulge ourselves in unmitigated fornication, reckless abandon and every sort of tom-foolery in which we care to engage ourselves in any of the myriad bygone eras and at any distant places of our choosing.  Let no man or woman place any constraints whatsoever upon the destination, duration and nature of their actions, save that no harm must be committed upon the persons, creatures or environs encountered therein. To that end I wish that each and all of you will enjoy adventures limited only by your imaginations .”

 — Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence , First President of the Founding Chapter of The Order of Omega Time Travel Cult at the inaugural meeting of The Cult on October 17th, 1918 C.E.