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This beautifully produced NOVA documentary reveals the Earth from the OUTSIDE, with breathtaking beauty and details which it is NOT POSSIBLE to perceive with a human body. Video and non-visual data from more than 100 satellites orbiting the Earth which measure different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and amalgamated into information we can “see” without the limitation of your very inadequate eyeballs!  I highly recommend this film as a exercise in “consciousness expanding”.  It make one aware of our VERY limited ability, inside a biological body, to perceive “reality” in the physical universe.  What we actually “see” with our eyes is only a very, very tiny sliver of the entire electromagnetic spectrum of phenomena that exist in the physical universe.  This film showed me a LOT more than I ever imagined!  It is as though I am able to look through the “eyes” on an extraterrestrial space craft pilot, visiting Earth from another star!  It makes me wonder…. what if I could perceive the ENTIRE electromagnetic spectrum?  How different would my point of view of “reality” become?  If I were not inhabiting a biological body, could I “see” all of this phenomena with my “disembodied eyes”?  I wonder…..