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“Fred Ott’s Sneeze” by the Edison Manufacturing Company.

This was the first motion picture to be copyrighted in the United States.  In the five-second film, one of Thomas Edison’s assistants, Fred Ott, takes a pinch of snuff and sneezes. The film was recorded between January 2, 1894 and January 7, 1894.    Source: Wikipedia


It is truly amazing to me to think that motion pictures did not exist on this planet until as recently as 120 years ago.  This is only about two life times!!!  When my Grandmother was a young woman, motion pictures were a “new thing”!  She lived on a farm in Michigan.  She raised 8 children.

They, along with a lot of other Americans, were farmers.  They grew their own food, and raised chickens, and had a milk cow.  They churned their own butter and plowed hard dirt fields to grown corn and vegetables to feed themselves.

Their wooden house did not have indoor plumbing.  They pumped water from a hand operated water pump in the front yard.  They carried buckets of water into the house and boiled it on a wood-burning stove for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing clothes!

There was no electricity.  The only source of light and energy were candles, a wood burning stove and a fireplace and kerosene lamps.

Their was no indoor bathroom.  They had a small, wooden “out-house” about 30 yards from the main house.  When you needed to take a pee during the night, you used a brass or porcelain bowl that was kept under the bed.  Or, if you were brave enough, you could walk through the snow to the out-house to take a shit in privacy and freeze your ass off!

No air conditioning.  All the doors and windows were left open during the summer.  In the winter time they sat directly in front of the wood-burning stove, or snuggled together underneath piles of blankets in bed as soon as the sun went down! 

Times have certainly changed, technologically, at least in the USA. Do you ever wonder why and how so many technological innovations have been created during the past 120 years?  During the previous 10,000 years of human history there were nearly NO technical advancements!  Why have there been so many during the past 120 years?

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