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is a link on Wikipedia to a list of HUMAN-HYBRID creatures from “mythology”. There are hundreds or even thousands of such creatures all over the world. Are these creatures “fiction” or historical?  Human “scientists” have not had enough time, YET, to perfect the technology of biological engineering, as revealed in the book ALIEN INTERVIEW. needed to create them?


According to an article by researcher Mark Oliver, the “scientific” community is working on creating human hybrids now:

“In laboratories around the world right now, scientists are at work developing real half-human, half-animal hybrids.

It might sound like something out of science fiction, but combining human and animal DNA isn’t the fantasy of some far-flung future. It’s something that scientists have already done several times—and it’s forcing us to reckon with ethical questions we never thought we’d have to consider.

According to the scientists, the part-human animals they’ve created will do nothing but good. They’re a scientific breakthrough that’ll let us run medical experiments and procedures on something they consider less than human.

But we’ve yet to decide where the line between man and animal will be drawn. It’s still an open question: Are these creatures mutated animals—or the beginning of something more human?