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Last year I read many books about Eastern philosophies and spiritual practices, including the Autobiography of a Yogi, written by the great spiritual teacher from India, Paramahansa Yogananda.  I do not practice Yoga, or meditation, per se,  nor do I ascribe to any organized spiritual methods or organizations.  I am following my own path of reading, communicating and seeking to remember Who I Really Am as an immortal spiritual entity.  I suppose I could call my form of meditation:   “looking, communicating, understanding and loving”.  I practice my “meditation” continually, at least to the degree that I am willing to discipline myself to attain awareness and ability above the extremely limited perceptions imposed by animating an aging biological body on Earth.

I do not “believe in god” or have a membership card in a group of followers.  However, I am inspired and emboldened by beings who know themselves as the source of life energy, of love, wisdom, and of creation of realities for themselves and of universes.  As part of my continuing journey I am reading a book and Blog by a fellow traveler, Pam Grout.  Here is a compilation video she recommended about Russell Brand.  His enthusiastic advocacy of wisdom, and egalitarian love, through self-realization reminds me very much of Yogananda.  This video recommended by Pam Grout in her Blog ( http://pamgrout.com/ )