Here is another astonishing video of a 5 year-old piano virtuoso! This is one more PROOF that reincarnation is a FACT, in spite of the "stupor-stition" and lies of religion and psychology that demands that you "believe" that we are ONLY biological bodies who "evolved" on Earth! In the United States this child would be "diagnosed" as "hyper-active" and FORCED to take Ritalin or Prozac, or some other form of psychiatric mind-poison designed to KILL the vitality, intelligence, energy and ability of this being!

It is obvious that it is IMPOSSIBLE for any 5 year old child to play the piano like this. So, we must ask ourselves: where and when and on which planet did this Immortal Spiritual Being develop this level of technical and artistic expertise? In order to do this, we must REMEMBER WHO WE REALLY ARE!




THE OZ FACTORS by Lawrence R. Spencer


"The history of mankind seems blanketed in a simultaneous state of amnesia and deja vu. The ruins of ancient civilizations whisper a reminder that we have forgotten everything we knew.

A multitude of gods have shown themselves like shadows in the halls of history. We know not yet, except by our own observation and decision, which of them is real. We are betrayed by those who teach us that we must trust the Wizards of the West. While pretentious politicians defend the castles of the Witch, the media monkeys swarm to spin perverted lies to cover up their covert tricks.

The voiceless bones of wonderful wizards have dissolved to mortal dust once more. Their words have vanished in the smoke of sacred libraries, searing our souls with the stupefying stench of wisdom lost forever in their flames. From day to day the timeworn treadmill of survival forces us to worship at the soulless bankers' shrine. Gold is still the god of the great and powerful Oz.

We have crash-landed in a twisted alien landscape of pain and mortality, far away from our home Universe. As a race we have amnesia. We are repeatedly bumped on the head by the recurring cataclysmic upheavals of a planet whirling in space like a farmhouse in a tornado.

The future is an extension of the present. We must live our lives in the present in a manner which will create the greatest good for the greatest number of beings in the future. If we are aware of our own past lives, we must also be aware that we are creating our own future by our present actions. We will inherit our own legacy."  --excerpt from The Oz Factors, by Lawrence R. Spencer



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Déjà vu

Déjà vu, from French, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced had been experienced in the past.

Here are two examples of very young children who "already know" how to play the piano, masterfully! How can an adopted 3 year old, blind girl "already know" how to play the piano, instantly accompany a vocalist without ever having heard the tune before? She also plays the piano and sings.

This 5 year old "just knows" how to play the piano -- without any training -- like a classical master. How can this possible happen? They remember. It cannot be more obvious. Everyone has lived before, a thousand, thousand times. You and I may not be able to remember how the play the piano because we never played it before. However, there are thousands of examples in history of people being able to "just know" how to do things.

Computer scientists "just know" how to manufacture and program computer circuitry -- even though ELECTRICITY wasn't even "invented" until 150 years ago! How does a planet make the quantum leap from burning wood and candles, riding in horse carts and sailing ships to atomic bombs and global satellite systems in 150 years?! There is no "evolutionary process" involved.

It's too simple: we have done all of these things before on other planets, in other times, in other galaxies. It's Déjà vu.