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"I hide in the fuzz on a butterfly wing.
I ride the on waves of electron rings.
I hear the songs that a ladybug sings.
I can be small, like the tiniest things.

I like to play leapfrog over the sun,
Run around Venus and Mars just for fun.
Jogging to Pluto is just a short run.
Heavenly hopscotch is easily done.

By changing my viewpoint I'm smaller than small
I fly with my thoughts!  I'll never fall!
I decide to be none! I decide to be all!
I am immortal -- immeasurably tall.

You're just a man! You're weak and small!
I dare you to find me! I dare each and all!
You'll never see me. You'll never get near.
I am a god!  I don't have your fears!

I'm here, then I'm there.  I'm free to be free.
I don't need to eat or breathe or pee!
I am who I am.  It's fun being me!
The same Pan I've been, and always will be!"
-- from the book PAN - GOD OF THE WOODS by Lawrence R. Spencer

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